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REC Protocol is the most efficient and transparent way for companies and people to support and claim they are powered by renewable energy.

By combining Renewable Energy Credits, a decades old and ubiquitous virtual tracking unit, and hashing technology for validating data authenticity, the chain of custody on REC Protocol offers unique integrity and visibility.

Hundreds of Fortune 500 companies have volunteered to use renewable energy, with RECs at the foundation, to meet the demand of the public and $14 Trillion in “ESG” capital, according to Morgan Stanley. Using RECs requires a single dollar to start participation.



Offering trust & transparency to global public markets and for all those interested in supporting and investing in sustainable public trading businesses, the REC Protocol uses advanced hashing technology to transact and report renewable energy credits consumption and reporting to a public ledger exclusively on the RecProtocol.com.


Shane Burns

Shane leads the development and design of participation within the REC Protocol Exchange. Prior to starting REC Protocol, Shane helped scale a Sentieo, an investment analytics platform billed as the modern Bloomberg terminal. Shane is an Alumnus of Morgan Stanley, Fisher Investments, and the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley.


Jordan Paul

Jordan leads technology development for REC Protocol. Prior, Jordan helped Brian Collins form an enterprise software consulting firm, where he individually developed products and operational systems for a popular search engine, EBay, and Medallia. Jordan started developing enterprise oriented DAPPs with Ripple in 2013, Ethereum in 2014, and has actively tested countless chains along the way.  Jordan is an Alumnus of Accenture, IBM Bluewolf, and the University California Berkeley where he was Pre-Law.



Brian Collins

Brian leads the product and operational strategies at REC Protocol. Prior to joining, Brian started a enterprise software consulting firm and individually aided Coinbase, Atlassian, and Solar City in scaling their digital service architectures to serve 10’s millions of entities across the globe.  Brian is an Alumnus of IBM Bluewolf and the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley. 

William Simpson

William leads the engineering efforts at REC Protocol. William joins REC Protocol following the acquisition of Braxton Technologies, a software development firm that leveraged hundreds of engineers to develop mission critical systems for satellite navigation and operation in conjunction with major defense contractors. William served as Braxton Technologies CTO, CEO, and Founder. William is an Alumnus of Sandia National Labratories and Stanford’s School of Electrical Engineering.